Oľga Végsöová*, Martin Straka*, Vladimír Sulovec**
*Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia; **EUROVIA – Kameňolomy, s.r.o. Košice, Slovakia
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This article addresses research into the effective expansion of industrial activity, taking into account environmental needs. The aim is to analyse and assess the possibilities for further development of industrial activity in a particular region of Slovakia. The objective of the geological task is to verify 5 million m3 of building stone of category Z-2. In terms of environ-mental requirements important factors include safety, stability, habitat, logistics and the emissions factor. In terms of further utilization, the emissions factor is particularly important. The emissions factor for drilling, loading, unloading and for aggre-gate moisture of 0-0.5% is 9.4 g of PM per tonne of aggregate, which for extraction of 300 000 tons per year gives an output of 2 820 kg/year and 1.41 kg/h. The emission factor for primary and secondary aggregate processing with aggregate moisture of 2-3% with application of water spray is 14.6 g of PM per ton of aggregate, giving emissions of 657 kg of PM per year and 0.3285 kg of PM per hour. For the tertiary aggregate processing, at aggregate moisture of 2-3%, the emission factor is 230.2 g of PM per tonne of aggregate, giving emissions of 690.6 kg of PM per year and 0.3453 kg of PM per hour. The total annual emissions are 4 167.6 kg of PM, i.e. 2.0838 kg/h. In order to secure the ecological stability of the land area, it is necessary to respect and protect the elements of the national network of protected areas. The solution for the Hradová quarry is located outside of protected areas. For this reason, no impact on large-scale or small-scale protected areas or protective zones is expected.

ecological aspects, remediation-reinstating of slope, recultivation, emissions, environmental impacts, mining, logistics

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