Iwona Skoczko
Politechnika Białostocka

The aim of the paper are experiments on old redundant chemical plant protection products degradation. The goal of research is efficiency analysis of chosen, out-dated pesticides by the Fenton-like method with MgO2 as an alternative source of H2O2, an optimal dose of MgO2 choice and possibility of method’s using to numerous toxic preparation. The results of experiments on efficiency of the Fenton-like method to utilization of chlorotalonil (included in the pesticide Bravo 500 SC), gliphosat (as the active substance of the herbicideRoundap 360 SL), mancozeb (the main compound of the fungicide DithaneNeoTec) and finally the mix of pesticides are shown in graphs let us notice that in the each case the utilization’s effect reaches the level of 96.0%, what might be the proof that the Fenton reagent is enough strong and very useful to pesticide degradation.On the other hand Fenton-like method in described in this article conditions may generate relatively high costs of capital expenditure. This conclusion let us continue experiments and look for other equally efficient but cheaper method.

Słowa kluczowe
rozkład pestycydów; metoda Fentona

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