Włodzimierz Deluga
Politechnika Koszalińska

The energy market covers testing, gaining, transforming, collection and transmission of energy to users. Industry, transport, construction, agriculture, municipal economy or households can be an energy recipient. Each country tries to seek to ensure energy security, allowing coverage of current and anticipated customer demand for fuel and energy in a technically and economically justified way, fulfilling the requirements of environmental protection. The presented material addresses in a brief historical overview, legal and economic conditions of the electricity market in Poland, based on the Energy Law of 1997 and the European Directive on the principles of the common market in electricity. The second part describes participants and the structure of energy market and shows the form of electricity trade. The electricity market in Poland is a decentralized market, based on three sectors: generation, transmission and distribution. Distribution network operators are local energy trading companies. These include: ENEA, Energa, Polish Energy Group, RWE and Tauron Poland Energy. For a closer look at the functioning of these companies Energa group activities is characterized highlighting its range of activities. The level of service of Energa group is based on surveys conducted in Slupsk among 100 clients. Answering the 16 questions of the survey respondents expressed their opinions on a collaboration with the company. As a result of the research, that may not be complete it can be concluded that the majority of customers is satisfied with the services, but a large part – 38% – admits that they would like to change the operator. In its final part , the article highlights the development trends of Energa Group covering business strategy based on the following fields: sales and service, distribution renewable energy, conventional energy and broadly understood cooperation in reducing harmful impact of energy on the environment.

Słowa kluczowe
grupa energetyczna; rynek energii

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