Dariusz Boruszko, Wojciech Dąbrowski, Janina Piekutin, Józefa Wiater
Politechnika Białostocka

There is a leak of information in literature about anaerobic stabilization of sewage sludge from dairy wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs). Different population of microorganisms are responsible for anaerobic sewage sludge stabilization. Own research were focused on using effective microorganisms (EM) invented by Teuro Higa for anaerobic stabilization. Sewage sludge was taken from dairy WWTP belonging to Mlekovita Cooperative in Wysokie Mazowieckie. It was mixture of excess and flotation sludge from pre-treatment of dairy sewage. Researches were conducted with laboratory scale model with two reactors – one was supplied with EM. Before stabilization average value of 16 PAHs was 0,690 µg•g-1 DM. It was found that trinuclear fraction was 46,4% of total PAHs and four nuclear 35,2% of total PAHs. General tendency of PAHs changes during anaerobic stabilization in both reactors(with and without EM) was similar. In first part of anaerobic stabilization (acid fermentation) after seven days it was observed increasing of total PAHs in reactor with and without EM. The sum of PAHs in reactor with EM was 1,125 µg•g-1 DM while in the other reactor without EM it was 1,201 µg•g-1 DM. This is typical for first part of sewage sludge anaerobic stabilization process. Addition of EM did not inhibited of PAHs release and during hydrolysis higher concentration of PAHs sum was observed due to concentration in raw sewage sludge. After two weeks’ time of anaerobic stabilizations decreasing of total sum of PAHs was observed due to concentration after first week of stabilization. It was smaller in reactor without EM. In the last part of sewage sludge stabilization decrease of most checked hydrocarbons was observed. Total concentration of PAHs in sewage sludge without EM was decreased up to 30,5% due to initial concentration. It was 0,479 µg•g-1 DM. In sewage sludge with EM it was decreasing up to 0,172 µg•g-1 DM (75,1% decrease). It was proved that using EM in anaerobic sewage sludge stabilization was responsible for decreasing of PAHs concentration.

Słowa kluczowe:
wielopierścieniowe węglowodory aromatyczne, mleczarskie osady ściekowe, efektywne mikroorganizmy

055. Influence of Effective Microorganisms Bacteria on the PAHs Content in Sewage Sludge from the Dairy Wastewater Treatment During Anaerobic Stabilization

polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, dairy sewage sludge, effective microorganisms bacteria

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Zadanie Czasopismo, Annual Set The Environment Protection Volume 17. Year 2015 (wersja elektroniczna) dofinansowane ze środków Ministerstwa Nauki i Szkolnictwa Wyższego