Wiesława Głodkowska, Joanna Laskowska-Bury
Politechnika Koszalińska

In the paper an issue of waste sand utilization was raised. The heaps of waste sand located in Polish region Pomerania are by-product obtained during the process called hydroclassification of all-in-aggregate for concrete production. One of examples how to resolve the waste sand utilization problem could be its application for the production of steel fiber reinforced mineral composites. The authors introduced their tests results physical-mechanical properties of fibrous composites made on the basis of waste sands with different amounts of steel fibers. Steel fiber content is from 0 to 2.5% relative to the volume of the composite. The fibers in the mixture were arranged at random. Based on these results proposed composite of the best properties, which meets the requirements for construction materials. It was specified the exact composition of the material of this composite. For the selected composite steel fibre content of 1.2% of tests taken basic properties: compressive strength, tensile strength, residual strength, modulus of elasticity, shear strength, resistance to frost, resistance to abrasion. Tests were performed on samples having a side of 150 cubic mm and cylindrical with the dimensions 150x300 mm.
Carried out research, literature studies and analysis of the obtained results allow to conclude that this material can be used for the performance of structural elements and thus creates a perspective on the use of waste aggregates.
In view of the above, the large resources of small aggregates present in the form of waste could become a wealth for the region of Pomerania. Sands waste could become a basic component of materials intended for the manufacture of certain structural elements.
The use of waste to produce aggregate composites constructional on a wider scale, and partial replacement of concrete simple-it such material can significantly reduce further degradation of the environment.

Słowa kluczowe:
ekologia, piaski odpadowe, fibrokompozyt, włókna stalowe, właściwości

031. Waste Sands as a Valuable Aggregates to Produce Fibre-composites

ecology, waste sands, fiber composite, steel fibers, properties

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Zadanie Czasopismo, Annual Set The Environment Protection Volume 17. Year 2015 (wersja elektroniczna) dofinansowane ze środków Ministerstwa Nauki i Szkolnictwa Wyższego