Natalia Walczak*, Mateusz Hämmerling*, Paweł Zawadzki*, Anna Oliskiewicz-Krzywicka*, Tomasz Dąbrowski**
*Poznan University of Life Sciences, Poland; **Koszalin University of Technology
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The paper presents an assessment analysis of the flow capacity of the barrage on the Paklica river. The analysed barrage consists of a mill weir and bottom outlets, and is supplied with water from Bukowiecki Lake. The reasons for addressing this subject matter were: from the need to determine the technical condition as well as the ecological condition of the lower position. The environmental status of the area below the system was considered as equally important. Field research included photographic documentation of the technical condition of the weir, taking into account the state below and above the structure, its abutments and the threshold. Additionally, there were made velocity distribution measurements in the downstream during the growing season, assuming this period as the least favourable with respect to hydraulic conditions.

broad-crested rectangular weir, velocity, flow rate coeficient

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