Adam Zydroń, Łukasz Bober, Małgorzata Górna
Uniwersytet Przyrodniczy, Poznań

An important element to be taken into account when designing the afforestation of Tarnowo Podgorne municipality was to create a model of ecological corridors, taking into account existing and planned natural forest areas. Analysis of the concept of afforestation and conditions allowed to determine the existing network nodes and corridors through the use of quantitative and qualitative methods of organic interconnection network and determine the degree of functional chain structure and ecological stability in the community. For the evaluation of the network model used in the basic indicators used in the method of assessing the stability of part of the landscape in order of network connections. Designed structure of ecological corridors indicates that all test indicators are within the ranges set by the method, and their interpretation proves unequivocally that the designed network will fulfill their natural functions. The proposed concept is characterized by the attention to the behavior of spatial order with regard to the functionality of other forms of land use space. Although the community is not in any formal way affiliated with the Nature 2000 network the structure of ecological corridors is the result of the development of the concept shows a high degree of functionality and stability as part of the assessment of the stability of the landscape in order of network connections.

Słowa kluczowe:
planowanie przestrzenne, obszary ochrony przyrody, gmina

046. Concept of Ecological Corridors in the Light of Afforestation Planned for the Tarnowo Podgorne Municipality

spatial planning, nature conservation areas, commune

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Zadanie Czasopismo, Annual Set The Environment Protection Volume 17. Year 2015 (wersja elektroniczna) dofinansowane ze środków Ministerstwa Nauki i Szkolnictwa Wyższego