Kazimierz Szymański*, Maria Włodarczyk-Makuła**
*Politechnika Koszalińska
**Politechnika Częstochowska

Sanitary chemistry is a component of environmental chemistry, based on the issues of general, organic and instrumental chemistry. The level of chemistry development is important for the development of other scientific disciplines such as: environmental engineering or planning, design and protection of the environment. These disciplines are mentioned in the areas of technical, natural and agricultural sciences. As part of the sanitary chemistry research in two directions: the study of water and wastewater quality are conducted. The studies include an assessment of water quality of surface- and groundwater, which are the source of water supply for: population, industry and agriculture, water treatment processes and water monitoring. The wastewater research are concerning the wastewater introduced into the sewage system, wastewater treatment plants and to the receivers. The development of sanitary chemistry involves the development of analytical techniques and procedures in order to determine a greater number of pollutants in water and wastewater and enhancing the accuracy of compounds which has been already designated. Therefore, in framework of sanitary chemistry development following actions are performed:
• improvement of research procedures including the validation,
• design and construction of new measuring and control devices,
• automation of test equipment, including the coupled systems,
• determination of trace-level components: micro-pollutants, metabolic products, intermediate products, water and wastewater treatment,
• determination of "emerging contaminants",
• development of solvent-free techniques,
• minimization of cost, energy and the waste materials emission,
• the extension the scope of speciation analysis and their applications,
• development of biological methods in chemical analysis,
• introduction the continuous analysis into monitoring,
• improvement of the quality of chemical analysis results, statistical processing of chemical analysis, which allows on forecasting changes in water quality.

Trends in the sanitary chemistry development in the world indicate a continuous improvement of analytical techniques and measurement and control appliances, the elaboration of new analytical procedures and develop existing ones.

Słowa kluczowe:
chemia sanitarna, techniki analityczne, układy sprzężone, walidacja procedur badawczych, monitoring środowiska, mikrozanieczyszczenia, emerging contaminants, woda, ścieki, osady ściekowe, odpady

033. Interdisciplinary Character of Sanitary Chemistry

sanitary chemistry, analytical techniques, coupled systems, validation of research procedure, environmental monitoring, micropollutants, emerging contaminants, water, wastewater, sewage sludge, waste

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