Stanisław Minta, Bożena Tańska-Hus, Marek Nowak
Uniwersytet Przyrodniczy, Wrocław

This paper presents the issues related to the specific of market of regional and traditional products and shows how important may be the development of this market in the context of environmental protection. This is due to the fact that the idea of food production and consumption in the same region reduces the need for long-distance transport (this reduces fuel consumption and also helps reduce the greenhouse effect). Another issue is that the regional products are made from components having a common ecological character (this helps to reduce chemical treatments that may harm nature). Besides, in some cases, regional products can contribute to maintaining natural ecosystems and enhance natural values of a specific area. An example of this is described in detail in this study regional product “Sudeten Beef”, which is produced in the Polish part of the Sudetes Mountains in the voivodeship of Lower Silesia (south-western Poland). Regional products can play an important role in sustainable development, particularly in relations to the peripheral areas. This applies to environmental aspects as well as the typical economic. In this article defines sustainable development as a way of doing business, which on the one hand give a positive economic results, and at the same time will as far as possible to care for the environmental and does not cause over-exploitation of resources, so that future generations can also use them. In addition, sustainable development also means equalizing opportunities between regions with high growth potential (usually of a large urban areas) and areas with less growth potential (in Polish condition this is particularly true of rural areas far from big cities). According to such assumptions, the development of regional product’s market can contribute to sustainable economic development of rural areas, because it gives opportunities to create new jobs, increasing incomes and the stimulation of the local community. Regional product „Sudeten Beef”, which is the main focus in this article, has a good chance to market success. This product comes from meat obtained from cattle in meat and combined type, which is kept in Sudeten districts. This is due to both the natural character of the Sudetenland, and the potential of demand and supply in the study area. Placing on the market “Sudeten Beef” should enable the development of agricultural production in direction to which the region is especially predisposed because of natural conditions. This product may also be a source of additional income for local farmers and entrepreneurs. The benefits reach also the consumers who receive high quality and unique food product that will enrich the catering and tourist offer in the study area. Placing such type of product on the market can run non-agricultural activities in rural areas covered by the project. This type of activity can help in the integration of local communities related to agricultural, food production, catering and tourism. Finally it can help to preserve valuable environmental assets Sudeten Mountains (grazing cattle will help to maintain a balance in areas of high natural value, due to the act as “natural lawn”).

Słowa kluczowe
produkt regionalny; ochrona środowiska

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