Barbara Uliasz-Misiak, Bogumiła Winid
AGH Akademia Górniczo-Hutnicza

Exploitation of the deposits is limited by the requirements of nature, preservation of the environment and land use for activities other than mining. Currently, the protection of the deposits is understood as conservation of their occurrence before the development, which would prevent access to the reserves. The need for mineral resource protection, especially of hydrocarbons, and the geological environment use for production through proper management of geological resources are the priorities of our state. In 2011, 345 crude oil and natural gas fields were found in Poland. A number of them are non-exploited (62 deposits of natural gas and crude oil 9). In Poland there is also the possibility of the discovery of unconventional resources, both of natural gas and crude oil. All non-exploited and discovered deposits in the future should be valorized and analyzed in terms of protecting their resources. The proposed valorization of hydrocarbon fields is based on rating the basic characteristics of the deposit and aspects of its management. Total points will form the basis for making deposits and assessed rankings split into groups with different levels of protection. In the assessment of hydrocarbon deposits in terms of their potential protection it is proposed to include criteria related to: the geological-reservoir conditions, the availability of deposits (environmental and land planning) and deposits development. Valorisation takes into account deposits that are not eligible for the exploitation and the deposits of low, medium and high evaluation of various criteria. In each group of criteria it is proposed to assign different weights to the criteria for geological and reservoir accounting for 60% of the total assessment, the availability of deposits of 30% and 10% of the deposit development. As a result of this indexation of the deposits, they have been divided into three categories. The deposits, which will have the highest score of 5.7 points for natural gas and 7.8 for oil (category I) should be especially protected because of their geological and reservoir parameters (quite large resources and raw mineral quality), availability and access to pipelines and roads. The second group of deposits to average deposits of protection in the event of the proposed evaluation, they will have crude oil from less than 4 to 1.9 points; deposits of natural gas from less than 5.2 to 2.6 points (category II). The deposits of the lowest rated points in the evaluation are below 3.1 points for oil and less than 4.4, for natural gas (category III). It is essential that the certification of reserves is an aspect of the geological reservoir. Their low score eliminates a number of further revisions. Just like in the deposits, this assessment of environmental planning, will receive 0 points for lack of access to resources. This low score with the management aspects of the deposit will not disqualify it for future use.

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