Renata Knap
Uniwersytet Szczeciński

The purpose of this article is to assess methods to prevent and minimize discards used in the modern world fisheries and to identify determinants of the choice of method to reduce discards. In the first part of the paper presents the nature, causes and consequences of the phenomenon of discards in the world's marine fisheries, while the second examines the scale estimates of discards in the world's fisheries, and the third rated ways to reduce discards in the modern world fisheries and identifies the most important determinants of their choice. The conducted considerations that the nature and scope of the methods used to combat discards varies greatly and depends on various conditions of biological, technical, economic and social. The most important criterion for choosing how to minimize discards from the point of view of the principles of sustainable development should be the impact on the maintenance and enhancement of fishery resources, determining the implementation of economic and social objectives of sustainable development of fisheries.

Słowa kluczowe
rybołówstwo; minimalizacja odrzutów

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