Oľga Végsöová, Martin Straka, Andrea Rosová
Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia
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At the present time, there are many abandoned areas and places that are affected by extraction activity, but which continue to be of importance due to valuable mineral resources. This article deals with environmental protection for their future use in terms of potential mineral resources. The area of Ruskov in Eastern Slovakia is typical with its rich deposits of andesite. Currently, there is no extraction activity at the site. The problem is related to effectively securing and protecting the environment for future use. The aim of the article is to indicate the possibilities for securing and protecting the area. The procedure can be applied universally to similar types of areas.

According to the physical and chemical analysis of the water sample, the water in the quarry is of a basic high mag-nesium-bicarbonate type. The total mineralization 375 mg/l, pH – 8.4, content of Na – 13.4 mg/l, Ca – 41.1 mg/l, Mg – 26.2 mg/l, Fe – 0.04 mg/l, Mn – 0.012 mg/l and in the hydrogeological investigation the mineralization of precipitation water ranged from 25.8 to 48.0 mg/l, pH 6.0-6 6.

From the comparison of values for inflows to the pit of the old Ruskov quarry and the values of groundwater runoff in the volcanic massif, we can state that only a part (approx. 50%) of groundwater from the volcanic massif is involved in the inflow to the quarry. The greater part of the underground runoff flows in the local sub-system to the local erosion base, which is represented by the valley of the Bystré stream, or it joins the flow of the intermediate stream (Olšava valley, erosion base).

In the previous extraction activity in the Old Quarry of Ruskov, as well as after it was flooded in August 2014, no adverse effects on the flow and groundwater regime were observed in the evaluated area.

Based on the previous evaluation of the hydrogeological conditions of the area, we can state that after the interrup-tion of extraction at the Ruskov – old quarry deposit and the termination of pumping of quarry water, there is no expected adverse influence on the flow and groundwater regime in the evaluated area.

safety, environment, protection, risks, principles

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