Andrzej Kotowski, Bartosz Kaźmierczak, Monika Nowakowska
Politechnika Wrocławska

In the thesis an assessment of operational reliability of a rainwater sewerage system on Rakowiec housing estate in Wrocław was made by the current and predicted drainage area precipitation load. As a result of the conducted hydrodynamic simulations in SWMM 5.0 program with the use of precipitation model of Euler type II it has been proved that it does not meet the requirements of PN-EN 752 standard concerning the frequency of channel outflows. It has been demonstrated that channel outflows are already present for current precipitation with occurrence frequency of 3 times a year. For the scenario of drainage area precipitation load with occurrence frequency of once per 5 years, for which there should not occur channel overloads in the future, significant outflows from the system were demonstrated. The specific volume of outflows ranges from 111 to 122.5 m3 for a hectare of impervious surface (depending on hydraulic conditions on the Odra River estuary), and the degree of flooding amounts to 0.32. The results of the assessment unequivocally indicate that the modernization of the aforementioned sewage system is urgent in order to meet the requirements of PN-EN 752:2008 standard. In order to hydraulically unload the system it is crucial to consider application of storage reservoirs, located in the areas of significant channel outflows occurrence. The reservoirs should be designed for the precipitation frequency of C = 5 years, according to methodology provided in theses.

Słowa kluczowe
systemy kanalizacji deszczowej, symulacja hydrodynamiczna, niezawodność kanalizacji deszczowej

Analysis of Rainwater Sewerage Systems Overloads on Rakowiec Estate in Wrocław Caused by Climate Changes

Key words
rainwater sewerage systems, hydrodynamic simulation, reliability of rainwater

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