Paweł Kogut*, Jacek Piekarski*, Katarzyna Ignatowicz**
*Politechnika Koszalińska; **Politechnika Białostocka

Renewable energy sources are becoming increasingly important element in Poland’s energy balance, constituting a characteristic value of the innovative and forward-looking economy. The paper presents an analysis of selected parameters of biogas, produced in methane digestion, during start-up of biogas plant with. The following substrates were used: water, slurry, corn silage and inoculating sludge. In addition, relationships between the type and quantity of applied substrate and obtained parameters of biogas and digester mass were presented and explained.

Słowa kluczowe
biogazownia, rozruch instalacji

Start-up of Biogas Plant with Inoculating Sludge Application

Key words
biogas installation, start-up of istallation

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