Anna Iżewska, Czesław Wołoszyk
Zachodniopomorski Uniwersytet
Technologiczny, Szczecin

Conducted two-years study indicate that phosphorus fertilization with mineral fertilizers can be replaced by ash from municipal sewage sludge. As a result of application of the ash from the incineration of municipal sewage sludge, there were no significant differences in the total content of cadmium, copper, manganese, lead and zinc in arable soil layer after two years of use. Mineral fertilization with nitrogen and potassium in the form of mineral fertilizers and third doses of ash from the incineration of municipal sewage sludge after two years of fertilization resulted in a significant increase in the total content of cadmium, copper and nickel in the subsoil layer of soil in comparison to the exclusive mineral fertilization. In most variants of fertilization with ashes of municipal sewage sludge the content of heavy metals forms soluble in 1 mol•dm-3 HCl in the soil layer 0–21 cm increased compared with exclusive mineral fertilization.

Słowa kluczowe
spalanie, osady ściekowe, popiół, nawożenie

The Effect of Changes in the Thermal Stratification Time on the Eutrophication Processes in Lakes

Key words
incineration, sewage sludge, ash, fertilization

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