Agnieszka Kułakowska, Radosław Patyk, Łukasz Bohdal
Politechnika Koszalińska

The aim of this article is to demonstrate the applicability of innovative burnishing rolling process in the creation of eco-product. Applying the principle of eco-design one should take into account the construction and manufacturing process. Burnishing rolling process is effective: technologically, economically and environmentally way of treatment of the machine's outer layers. According to the literature promising results can be achieved by using a surface plastic treatment. It allows to receive product with advantageous shaped surface layer adapted to the conditions of exploitation (it is possible to control the surface roughness parameters and residual stress state). Study of the proposed technology may to confirm the possibility of steering of surface layer properties in aspect of receiving optimal utility properties. This approach will make possible the production of parts with minimal loss in material and energy. In order to prove the ability to create eco-product one conducted experimental and numerical researches of burnishing rolling process showing the ability to control the state of the surface layer of the product (surface condition and the state of stress).

Słowa kluczowe
produkt ekologiczny, proces nagniatania, warstwa wierzchnia wyrobu,

Application of Burnishing Process in Creating Environmental Product

Key words
burnishing process, surface layer of the product, eco-product

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