Andrzej Gruchot, Ewelina Zając, Jan Zarzycki
Uniwersytet Rolniczy, Kraków

The aim of this study was to determine possibilities for management of hard coal mine water sediments in geotechnical solutions and reclamation of lands degraded by mining and industrial activities. The mean sample of sediment collected at settling tank inlet was examined to assess geotechnical, physical and chemical properties of this material. Furthermore the effect of reclamation of subsidence trough where the mine water sediment were used was evaluated. Evaluation was carried out on the basis of substratum properties and examination of spontaneous vegetation (species composition and condition) overgrowing the reclaimed area. Survey results revealed that in geological respect water mine sediments responded to sandy silt of low permeability and high organic parts content. It also showed low contamination level. Heavy metals concentration did not exceed threshold limit values for group of grounds B, which were farmlands, forest lands and trees and shrubs covered lands. The washout test discovered that only nickel concentration was exceeded. The stated salinity was rather high, but would be possible to reduce by washing through the profile e.g. by precipitation. Survey of spontaneous vegetation that had developed on the reclaimed area indicated that after 12 years trees and herbaceous plants rooted in the isolation mineral layer did not show any morphological or physiological disorders and it developed similar to vegetation in neighbouring natural habitats. Preliminary studies show that some modifications of mine water sediments properties should be applied to use it e.g. for levelling the ground or soil substitutes production. The mixtures that would be managed as soil substitutes potential ingredients could be e.g. hard coal shales, sewage sludge, lime or fly-ash produced from burning of hard coal.

Słowa kluczowe:
osady wód dołowych, właściwości fizyczno-chemiczne, rekultywacja

060. Analysis of Possibilities for Management of Hard Coal Mine Water Sediments

mine water sediments, physical and chemical properties, reclamation

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Zadanie Czasopismo, Annual Set The Environment Protection Volume 17. Year 2015 (wersja elektroniczna) dofinansowane ze środków Ministerstwa Nauki i Szkolnictwa Wyższego