Tadeusz Piecuch, Ludmiła Andriyevska, Janusz Dąbrowski, Tomasz Dąbrowski, Barbara Juraszka, Anna Kowalczyk
Politechnika Koszalińska

The paper presents exploratory examinations on possibility of pre-treatment of wastewater containing gasoline and diesel fuel, that is wastewater “produced” in each car service and repair workshop and in gas station. It is a vast number of service points, which, though daily produce small amounts of wastewater but in the scale of the whole country amount of wastewater is substantial. Such wastewater is usually piped off into the sewage system. Often oily wastewater does not meet requirements set by local companies which own the municipal sewage treatment plants.
Therefore, authors made have undertaken considerations on the concept of use the flotation process for pre-treatment of wastewater containing oil and gasoline, as a small wastewater treatment plant that could be installed in a separate room of garage or gas station. Example diagram is shown in Figure 5.
This paper presents preliminary testing of a pilot-distinctive nature. Laboratory tests of flotation process were carried out in two independent study groups, ie. one with use of model wastewater and second with the use of real wastewater.
Conducted examinations and analysis of the results allow to draw certain conclusions:
1. Wastewater from car service stations, mechanical garages and also gas stations are contaminated with oil derived compound, and although individual garage produces small amounts of wastewater, the sum of all wastewater in the scale of the whole country each day is substantial.
2. Proposed small installation for pre-treatment of oily wastewater, when implemented In the car service station or gas station will improve quality of wastewater daily inputted to sewage system.
3. The flotation process which is the first node of proposed technological installation does not treat wastewater sufficiently, but noticeably, and thus it allows to extend the life of an important node of the installation, that is sorption process.
4. Research should be continued on a small experimental plant installed in the car or gas station.

Słowa kluczowe:
flotacja, ścieki zaolejone, podczyszczanie

049. Treatment of Wastewater from Car Service Station

Flotation, oily wastewater, pre-treatment

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