Tadeusz Piecuch, Janusz Dąbrowski
Politechnika Koszalińska

The subject of the monograph are the most important organizational, technological, economic and financial conditions of construction of a municipal waste incineration plant for the Middle Pomeranian region. The aim of the study was to analyze the possibility of building of such incineration plant on the basis of the amount of municipal waste generated in Koszalin region and with the specific location of this plant in the municipality.

The basic activity of the proposed plant in Koszalin should be disposal of such type of waste using thermal treatment and recovery of heat generated in the process. Recovered energy should be transformed into electrical energy and next used in the plant or, at suitable performance of the entire waste processing plant and assuming continuity of its operation, channel it to the municipal network.

The study made by the authors of the monograph proves that plant of assumed annual capacity of 95 thousand Mg/a is a required, necessary investment and its building is reasonable.

First part of the monograph presents analysis of the division of the West Pomeranian region into regions of waste management, assumed in the regional waste management plan. Waste stream generated in those regions was characterized. Energy parameters and morphological composition were given.

Next selection of potential location of the plant was determined. Environmental social and technological conditions of the plant were taken into account. Finally, authors of the monograph adopted location at H. Cegielski street in Koszalin, because it is a industrial area with suitable access road and no residential buildings in the vicinity. The size of the selected area allows construction of waste incineration plant with building and technical infrastructure and temporary storage of post-process waste in the area.

In the next part of the monograph authors analyzed the available technologies of municipal waste thermal processing, clearly opting for a classic grate incineration plant with wet flue gas cleaning system. Authors proposed particular technical and technological solutions supported by relevant balance calculations for such technological system. Proposed technological system does not contain several nodes, such as: electrostatic precipitator, dedicated mercury vapour absorption, pyrolysis and plasma processes, which significantly reduced investment costs.

A particular building infrastructure system, specifying basic buildings, forming a unified architectural structure was also proposed.

The last part of the study is a economic and financial assessment of planned investment. Possibilities of its functioning were determined. Costeffectiveness of such investment project was evaluated. Evaluation was conducted through determination of investment expenditures, operating costs and compilation of expected financial incomes. Assuming investment savings, ie. the lack of certain technological nodes, the total cost of the investment is approximately 293.6 million PLN. Unit operating cost is approximately 347.0 PLN/Mg of processed municipal waste, also assuming the investment savings, which influenced the reduction of basic component of operating costs,  which is the value of depreciation.  

The monograph is concluded with a short compilation of obtained results.

Presented monograph may be a full guidance to commission the development of technological project. It can also be used for decision making process of building of MWTPP for Middle Pomeranian region and at the selection of possible partner for this project.

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