Sylwia Fudala-Książek*, Aneta Łuczkiewicz*, Eliza Kulbat*, Anna Remiszewska-Skwarek**
*Politechnika Gdańska; **PEWIK GDYNIA Sp. z o. o.

The aim of this study was to analyze all liquid by-products generated at two MSWPs, located in metropolitan and rural areas. Obtained data indicated that the technological wastewater from the sorting and composting units were characterized by a high load of organic matter as well as a high nitrogen and phosphorus concentration, in some cases even 20 times higher than values obtained in the landfill leachate. To the best of our knowledge, such comprehensive studies have not yet been conducted in Poland.

Słowa kluczowe
odcieki składowiskowe, ścieki technologiczne z sortowni i kompostowni, podczyszczanie odcieków i ścieków technologicznych

Characteristics of Liquid By-Products Generated at Municipal Solid Waste Plants (MSWP) in Terms of Treatment Method Choice

Key words 
landfill leachate, technological wastewater from sorting and composting, pretreatment of liquid by-products generated at municipal solid waste plants

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