Małgorzata Widłak
Politechnika Świętokrzyska

The aim of this study was to evaluate the content of soil elements and parameters such as pH and iodine value in a period of one vegetation cycle. Soil samples were collected from the topsoil to a depth of 30cm, in April – before spring fertilization, August - after the summer harvest and October – before winter fertilization 2014. During the whole research period soils showed on average, a slightly acidic pH (5.6-6.2). The increase in calcium concentration leads to decrease in aluminum concentration, which at the highest content is in the range 1,02 mg/100 g and does not exceed the allowable concentration. However, increasing the sodium amount and magnesium concentration causes the decrease of potassium concentration and iodine value. In the central-eastern region dominate brown soils characterized by a lower iodine value (LJ) than in the south-western region where occurrendzina and pararendzina. The low level of nutrient microelements in studied soils obliges farmers to phosphorus fertilization and potassium supplement in order to obtain expected yields.

Słowa kluczowe
pierwiastki glebowe, gleby brunatne i rędziny, odczyn gleby, właściwości sorpcyjne, zawartość składników pokarmowych

The Variability of Selected Parameters of Arable Soils During the Vegetation Cycle of Plants

Key words 
soil elements, brown soils and rendzinas, soil pH, sorption properties, nutrient content

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