Adam Zydroń, Dariusz Kayzer, Magdalena Antkowiak, Barbara Matecka
Uniwersytet Przyrodniczy w Poznaniu

The main aim of the study was to create the map of attractiveness of the housing area earmarked for construction purposes in Murowana Goślina commune in the aspect of sustainable development. The basis for creating the map was the analysis of factors affecting the value of undeveloped property. The study included both natural and anthropogenic factors. The study analyzes the material from the years 2010-2013, which were obtained from the District Centre of Geodesy and Cartography Documentation in Poznan. In order to achieve this aim, two types of analyses were performed: spatial with the QGIS 2.12.0 Lyon software and statistical, using multiple regression with STATISTICA 10 software. The research helped to isolate the factors significantly affecting the value of the property and determine the degree of their impact. The thesis also presents the map of investment attractiveness for Murowana Goślina. In these terms, the most attractive areas were Murowana Goślina and Mściszewo.

Słowa kluczowe
grunty pod zabudowę mieszkaniową, mapa atrakcyjności, wielokrotna regresja liniowa

Planning for Residential Areas from the Perspective of Sustainable Development on the Example of Murowana Goślina

Key words 
housing areas, map of investment attractiveness,multiple regression

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