Artur Choma, Dariusz Kowalski
Politechnika Lubelska

The following papper discusses the issues related to the occurrence of water Hammer phenomenon in pressure liquid transportation systems. Alt-hough the knowledge about the problem of water Hammer phenomenon Has been developer over 100 years continues to demonstrate that the systems inad-equately protected against the effects of impact of water hammer are exposed to numerous accidents and various maintenance problems. The devices that particularly vulnerable to the formation of water hammer phenomenon are centrifugal pumps. The article presents an original concept of centrifugal pumps security methods based on the differential valve of their own construc-tion and the results of laboratory tests the effectiveness of the method.

Słowa kluczowe
uderzenie hydrauliczne, pompy odśrodkowe, zawór różnicowy

The Concept of Protection Method of Centrifugal Pumps from the Effects of Water Hammer Phenomena – Laboratory Results

Key words 
water hammer, centrifugal pumps, differential valve

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