Artur Pawłowski, Lucjan Pawłowski
Politechnika Lubelska

The role of energy acquisition in the implementation of sustainable development idea is discussed. The impact of biofuels production on the degradation of the environment, with CO2 emission taken into account, was discussed in detail. It was shown, that the production of biofuels from agricultural crops causes an increase in food prices. The carbon cycle in our biosphere was described as well, showing that the natural fluxes are much more important, than anthropological ones. The potential of Poland in biosequestration of carbon dioxide was also analyzed.

Słowa kluczowe
zrównoważony rozwój, podaż energii, zmiany klimatu, gazy cieplarniane

Impact of Energy Acquisition Methods on the Implementation of Sustainable Development Paradigms

Key words 
sustainable development, energy supply, climate change, greenhouse gases

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