Dawid Bedla, Andrzej Misztal
Uniwersytet Rolniczy im. Hugona Kołłątaja, Kraków

Physicochemical composition of surface waters is a dynamic phenomenon, among others dependent on climatic and biological factors. Human utilization, including the use of catchment area definitely affects the disturbances of this natural changeability. Small water reservoirs are particularly sensitive to anthropopressure, susceptible to degradation and in extreme cases even to disappearance. The object of research was an assessment of differences in concentrations of selected water quality indices in the reservoirs in catchments of various land use and their seasonal changes. In order to realize the assumed objective, four endorheic basins with various forms of land use in their vicinity, including settlement and agricultural, agricultural, agro-forestry and forestry catchments were selected. The research demonstrated that some of the substances tested in the waters of the discussed reservoirs (O2, NO2, NO3, NH4+ and SO4), like pH, revealed significant seasonal fluctuations between the summer and winter half years. A possible cause of this phenomenon may result from variable atmospheric conditions in respective half years. Lower concentration of nitrogen compounds in the summer half-year may be explained by their intensified uptake by vegetation. In the winter period, when vegetation is inhibited, a clear reconstruction of dissolved nitrogen salt resources ensues. The use, as the factor modifying fluctuations of the analyzed ions concentrations, was best noticeable for reservoirs located in settlement and agricultural or agricultural catchment. The changes referred especially to water salinity indices. It should be noted, that the complexity of the environmental spatial processes causes that explicit indicating the causes of seasonal fluctuations of the substances dissolved in water is complicated.

Słowa kluczowe
małe zbiorniki wodne, wskaźniki jakości wód

Changeability of Chemistry of Small Water Reservoirs with Diversified Use Structure of the Adjoining Areas

Key words
small water reservoirs, water quality indices

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