Michał Poros*, Wiktoria Sobczyk**
*Geopark Kielce; **AGH Akademia Górniczo-Hutnicza

The paper presents the selected example of reclamation and revitalization in historical surface mining on the Chęciny-Kielce area. The several examples of currently state of reclamation and revitalization of quarry connected with marble exploitation is being described. The current observations and research of post-mining areas of the Chęciny-Kielce area are showing that those area are not use in fully range in geological education and geotourism. A few resolutions of reclamation and revitalization of described area for didactic and recreation point was proposed. Reclamation of the terrains transformed by mining activity is understood as creating or restoring their utilitarian value through appropriate landscaping, improving the physical and chemical properties of soils, regulating waterways, restoration and construction of the necessary access roads. Open-pit mining of rock materials which continued over several hundred years in the Chęciny-Kielce area has provided numerous and varied remnants, mainly in the form of pits and post-mining dumps. Large accumulation of remnants of open-pit mining of rock materials, as well as active mines that will create such areas in the coming years, raises the question of the appropriate mode of their reclamation and development which are the key element of the strategy for sustainable development of the area. In this article the problem of reclamation was examined in relation to the liquidated mines that existed in the Chęciny-Kielce area before the 70s of the twentieth century and conducted their operations on a small scale. On the basis of field research and analysis of the available sources and databases, the reclamation modes and post-mining terrains management were analysed. Field studies included inventory and valorisation with photographic documentation of the selected mining areas in terms of their development for teaching purposes. Because of the unique mining heritage, documenting the development of the mining techniques used for extraction of decorative rock materials over several hundred years, the basic directions of the post-mining land use categories should include the natural mode (protection of the abiotic and biotic environment which constitute for new values in the environment transformed by man) and the teaching mode (educational stands and tracks, exposing the geological and mining heritage). Examples of educational and tourist reclamation and revitalization of the post-mining terrains carried out in the discussed area, such as development and provision of the old Devonian limestone quarries in Kielce, lead to the conclusion that this mode of reclamation and development has the greatest justification in terms of local sustainable socio-economic development.

Słowa kluczowe
rekultywacja, tereny pogórnicze, geoturystyka, edukacja geologiczna

Research on Burning of Water Black Oil Emulsions

Key words
reclamation, post-mining areas, geotourism, geological education

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