Anatoliy Pavlenko*, Aleksander Szkarowski*, Sylwia Janta-Lipińska**
*St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University; **Politechnika Koszalińska

Now the majority of oil refineries seek to improve technologies of oil refining. Deeper processing of raw materials leads to change of physical and chemical indicators of the black oil being the final product. As a result when burning black oil indicators of work of a boiler are broken, incompleteness of combustion, adjournment of particles of coke on heating surfaces, and also decrease in stability of burning increases up to torch failure. The complex solution of this problem is fuel burning in the form of a water black oil emulsion (DOE fuel). In a zone of high temperature of a fire chamber the drop of an emulsion blows up that leads to secondary dispersion of fuel. Than more small drops of water contain in an emulsion, especially this effect is noticeable. Therefore is necessary preliminary preparation of fuel oil by preparation of uniformly distributed and small dispersed fraction of water which contains in fuel and by destruction of the quasicrystal structures which were in it. Researches of formation of NOx when burning DOE fuel showed that the black oil and water ratio in an emulsion has the greatest impact on concentration of oxides of nitrogen. Influence of the same factors on combustion value of an emulsion was researched also. The analysis of data showed that the same factor the content of water in an emulsion has the greatest impact on the combustion value of fuel. Though the increase of the dispersed water content reduces combustion value of fuel, temperature growth in a fire chamber was observed. It is explained by positive influence of small dispersed water on process of further dispersion of fuel oil in a flame. The received results of researches were used in practice for increase in efficiency of the reconstructed boiler KSV-2,9G. The gained ecological effect accompanied the general improvement of work of a boiler and increase of efficiency of use of fuel.

Słowa kluczowe
spalanie, emulsje wodno-mazutowe, tlenki azotu NOx

Research on Burning of Water Black Oil Emulsions

Key words
combustion, water black oil emulsions, nitrogen oxides NOx

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