Maria Walery
Politechnika Białostocka

Medical waste is generated in various units of health care: inpatient and outpatient hospitals, rehabilitation sanatoria, nursing care facilities, hospitals, clinics, research and analytical laboratories and pharmaceutical facilities. Medical wastes belong to a cumbersome and dangerous waste group due to their infectious nature and origin. Incorrect classification, and thus the collection and segregation of medical pose a common problem in our country. The method and the conditions for their disposal are on numerous occasions incorrect. Medical waste management is a major challenge for healthcare facilities, but also for the companies involved in the logistics systems for the collection, storage, treatment and disposal of medical waste. Actions to improve the functioning of medical waste management system should be implemented in an attempt to minimize the generation of waste, introduce proper segregation, minimize consumption of raw materials and energy, and reduce costs associated with export and disposal. Medical waste management system in the Podlaskie Region requires increased efforts and system solutions, such as technical and organizational measures for the sources of waste generation, collection methods, identification and control of transport processes and waste treatment technology that will ensure disposal while meeting the standards of environmental and health safety. The analysis of the waste management system solutions as well as the optimization of unit processes and consideration of the mutual relations of all system components, processes and correlation makes it possible to organize and rationalize medical waste on the designated area. This paper presents the possibility of using the optimization model of the export and disposal of medical waste in the dynamic version, which enables designing the most favourable, in terms of economy, management systems for this type of waste. This paper also describes the optimization study aimed to analyze the impact of the parameter describing the change in the duration of model tests on the value of the indicator of economic efficiency (E). The study was conducted on the example of the analysis of medical waste management system in the Podlaskie Region. The scope of operational research carried out in the framework of the optimization study was divided into two stages of optimization calculations with the assumed technical and economic parameters of the system. In the first stage the lowest cost of operation of the scheme was generated, while in the second one, the impact of input parameter of the system, i.e. the duration of the first and second period of model tests on the indicator of economic efficiency and spatial structure of the system was established. 

Słowa kluczowe
odpady medyczne, badania modelowe, system gospodarki odpadami

Medical Waste Management Planning System in the Context of the Model Studies Duration

Key words
medical waste, model studies, waste management system

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