Adam Zydroń, Ryszard Walkowiak
Uniwersytet Przyrodniczy, Poznań

The aim of the study was to model the dependence between the price for 1m2 undeveloped property allocated to building purposes in areas located in the Mosina commune on such characteristics as forests, waters and protected areas at a distance of max. 1000 m, access to roads, power supply infrastructure, the sewer and water supply systems, distance from Poznań, the number of residents in the area and the plot area as well as the allocated use of the plot. To realise this aim the statistical analyses were performed using reverse step-wise regression. Analyses covered the Mosina commune, one of the biggest communes located in the Poznań county in terms of its area. Mosina is a municipal and rural commune located in the central part of the Wielkopolskie province. In its immediate vicinity there are such communes belonging to the Poznań county as Luboń, Komorniki, Kórnik, Stęszew and Puszczykowo, as well as the Brodnica commune located in the Śrem county and Czempiń located in the Kościan county. The vicinity of the city of Poznań is decisive for the development of investments in Mosina. Areas belonging to the Mosina commune are particularly attractive in terms of their nature and tourist value. Thus it seems that the object selected for analyses is well adapted to such analyses, both in terms of the variation in natural conditions and the variation of socio-economic conditions. The time frame for the study covered the years 2004 - 2007 (adoption of such a time frame was connected with the phenomena occurring immediately after Poland’s accession to the European Union). The scope of the study covered data from notarial deeds (729 transactions) concerning sale and purchase of undeveloped plots allocated to building purposes. Based on studies using multiple regression it may be stated that prices for undeveloped plots allocated for building purposes were affected by different factors in the analysed years. In 2004 the value of plots was reduced by the occurrence of surface waters in their vicinity (at a distance up to 100 m), while an increase in value was observed in relation to neighbouring protected areas. In 2005 a negative effect on property value was found for the distance from Poznań (the farther from Poznań, the lower the value). In 2006 high voltage power supply infrastructure reduced property value, while sewer infrastructure increased property value. In 2007 the distance from Poznań reduced property value (the farther from Poznań, the lower the prices) and the number of residents (an increase in the number of residents reduced property value). Analysis showed that in the study period the effect of attributes on property value changed, which indicates changing preferences of property buyers. Based on the investigations it may be concluded that it is necessary to study periodically (at least once a year) characteristics influencing property value, while adoption of a longer period would not fully reflect the weight of these characteristics. Spatial distribution of expected value of land allocated to building development showed that the greatest value in the analysed years (except for 2005) was found in Rogalin, directly neighbouring with the Mosina commune centre and it is an attractive location in terms of its nature and cultural value (with the Raczyński Palace, the Rogaliński Landscape Park located in the vicinity).

Słowa kluczowe
gminia Mosina; analiza atrybutów

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