Gabriela Rutkowska, Olga Klepak, Konrad Podawca
Szkoła Główna Gospodarstwa Wiejskiego, Warszawa

Currently, the emphasis is on the low cost of the investment and heating buildings. The aim of the study was to demonstrate the importance of proper implementation thermal insulation in existing residential buildings. In addition, they had to point out how the seemingly insignificant details of the implementation have the influence on the deterioration of the building insulation. This affects not only the economic aspect, but also the internal climate in the structure. If the thermal insulation have already made it is difficult to validate non-invasive method. The useful research material to detect errors can be infrared camera. The paper presents the analysis and assessment of occurrence of errors in the thermal insulation of a one-family house, based on thermo-graphic investigations. The field investigations were carried out according to the PN-EN 13187. The thermograms obtained with the use of a thermal imaging camera were analyzed and then the quality of the thermal insulation of individual elements of the building was assessed.Studies of single-family building number 1 using infrared camera showed a small building errors. These are typical insulation defects in sensitive areas – by the chimney, on the combination of the external door frame to the wall, on the combination of the outer wall and the substring. Studies of single-family building number 2 showed significant errors foundation insulation, on the combination door jamb connections and external wall and incorrect insulation on loft.

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