Barbara Sadowska-Buraczewska, Piotr Rutkowski
Politechnika Białostocka

The paper summarizes the experimental analysis of flexural capacity and deformability of structural concrete beam prepared with the use of recycled aggregates from high-strength concrete and high performance concrete. The reinforced recycled concrete beams used in the tests were prepared in modelling scale with the rectangular-section of 80 x 120 mm and the effective span of 1100 mm. Replacement of basalt aggregates with recycling ones has not affected the carrying capacity and flexibility of model beams. Obtained results were not significantly different for each type of aggregate (they were almost equal). The use of secondary aggregates by construction waste management has a huge impact on environmental and health protection. Recycling is not only in the sphere of sustainable development, but also cost saving and ecology.

Słowa kluczowe
kruszywo recyklingowe; zrównoważony rozwój

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