Rafał Pasela, Marcin Gorączko
Uniwersytet Technologiczno-Przyrodniczy, Bydgoszcz

In the paper the water consumption level is correlated with some flats conditions. The study based on the 6 years data of more 500 comfortable flats located in multi-familiar buildings in Torun. The water consumption is hardly predicted, because belongs on many parameter, e.g. time, actual population and his periodical fluctuations, technical equipment, weather conditions meteorological. The individual habits, the organization of the day and the work mode are some important fast variable parameters too. The individual average factors for cold, hot and integral water consumption were estimated. The highest observed value was 228 dm3/Md (1 person in M-5 flat) and the minimal one 42 dm3/Md (6 person in M-3 flat). The average water consumption level recommended for projects are: 103 dm3/Md for M-5 flat, 90 dm3/Md for M-4, 89 dm3/Md for M-2 and at last 83,5 dm3/Md for M-2. The propositions are obviously less than the officially recommended (160 dm3/Md). The described time 6 years the water consumption in investigated urban area of Torun goes to stabilization on level 98 dm3/Md. The value was calculated on more 3500 observations. The gamma distribution can be applied for studies of the water consumption (cold, hot or global). The exponential model appears to be good for correlations of the flats occupations and water consumption level. The parameter values decreases to the flat occupation enhancement. The relations of water usage and a flat occupational level, it’s inside area and standard were estimated too. The increasing of the average individual flat area effects the water consumption too. The feature is confirmed by high values of correlation factors. Perhaps the flat existence needs some water volume, independently on flat occupation level. Presented investigations explain because the decreasing of flat occupation not effects by proper downing of the water consumption. The modeling of water consumption processes investigations appears to be suitable in urban projects, separately for the water requirement predictions.

Słowa kluczowe
zużycie wody; budynki wielorodzinne

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