Ireneusz Baic
Instytut Mechanizacji Budownictwa i Górnictwa Skalnego
Centrum Gospodarki Odpadami i Zarządzania Środowiskowego Oddział Zamiejscowy IMBiGS, Katowice

The paper presents result of investigation of physical, chemical and energetic properties of steam coal slurries deposited in twenty four impoundments. Performed investigation include determination of chemical composition, moisture content, volatile matter, sulfur and calorific value at various states. Additionally, properties of coal slurry of particle size below 0.1 mm are presented. The paper presents also results of energetic potential analysis of coal slurries deposited in impoundments. Results shown are for “as received” basis and for concentrates after beneficiation. Coal slurries were beneficiated using the following techniques: hydrocyclone classifier-separator, centrifugal separator, Reichert spiral separator LD4 and flotation. Assessment of energetic potential was made for concentrate whereas losses of energetic potential due to beneficiation were estimated. The most effective method was flotation where the loss of energetic potential was 15% and varied from 3 to 31% depending on the impoundment. Average value of obtained concentrate was 25 057 kJ/kg being the highest among all of the methods. The research was performed under the development project Nr N R09 0006 06/2009 titled: “Identification of energetic potential of coal slurries in the national fuel balance and technological development strategy of their usage”. The project is implemented by the Institute of Mechanized Construction & Rock Mining in Warsaw in cooperation with the Department of Mineral Processing and Waste Utilization of the Silesian University of Technology.

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muły węglowe; woj. śląskie

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