Elżbieta Bezak-Mazur, Dagmara Adamczyk
Politechnika Świętokrzyska

This paper describes the process of adsorption of selected acid dye such as naphthol green B on virgin and regenerated commercial activated carbon WD-extra (Gryfskand). Fenton's reagent regeneration was carried out five times. In the case of virgin activated carbon adsorption value was 130 mg/g, and for the regenerated it has ranged from 38 mg/g to 71 mg/g At the same time the weight loss was controlled, which after five regenerations equal almost 23%. Sorption capacity of activated carbon was controlled with an iodine adsorption numebr in accordance to the PN-83 C-97555.04. It was noted that with the times of regeneration iodine number decreased slightly. In experiment the concentration of acidic and basic functional groups on the surface of the activated carbon was measured by Boehm method. According to the results it can be concluded that regeneration by Fenton's reagent increases the content of acid groups and reduce the basic groups. Amount of acid groups increased to 4.625 mmol/g, and the basic groups has decreased to 0.9375 mmol/g.

Słowa kluczowe
adsorpcja zieleni; chemia powierzchni

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