Kinga Dopieralska, Alicja Siuta-Olcha, Tomasz Cholewa, Grzegorz Tatara
Politechnika Lubelska

A technical and economic analysis was carried out on the basis of measurement data obtained during the hydronic balancing of a central heating system in an educational building boasting the volume of 46 831 m3, located in Lublin, and the design documentation of the heating system. The design heat load of the renovated building was determined and amounted to 342.7 kW.
Computer method TA-Diagnostic was employed in hydronic balancing, due to relatively small size of the system (32 risers) and no need to use long range transmitters. This method allowed for the automatic setting of all the balancing valves in the system, in order to provide the required flow rate of the heating medium in each radiator.
Correction of the balancing valves settings was carried out. The computational and actual volumetric flow rates of heating medium in individual risers were compared before and after the hydronic balancing.
The hydronic balancing of the heating system enabled the optimization of operating point of the circulating pump. Delivery head was decreased from 7 mH2O to 4 mH2O, for the volumetric flow of the heating medium equalling 13090 dm3/h. Energy consumption was reduced in the heating season. The power consumption of the pump engine was nearly halved from 600 W to approximately 330 W. It was determined that the cost of the hydronic balancing would recoup after roughly 3 years of exploitation. Starting with the 4th year, the hydronically balanced system will begin saving, up to approximately 1000 zl PLN.

The conducted technical and economic analysis regarding the hydronic balancing process of the heating system in the modernized building showed that it is justified and even necessary to perform it, taking into account both economic benefits and the improvement of energy efficiency.

Słowa kluczowe:
równoważenie hydrauliczne, nastawa zaworu równoważącego, pompa obiegowa, efektywność energetyczna

097. Technical and Economic Analysis of Hydronic Balancing for Central Heating System

hydronic balancing, balancing valve setting, circulating pump, energy efficiency

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