Katarzyna Ignatowicz*, Jacek Piekarski**, Dariusz Kozłowski*
*Politechnika Białostocka
**Politechnika Koszalińska

The object of the study presented by authors was wastewater treatment plant (W.W.T.P.) in Bialystok. This plant started to operate with aerobic sludge activated system nearly 18 years ago and now it is utilizing high efficiency system for C, N, and P removal from municipal wastewater. Flow capacity is about 70000 m3 per day. Nitrogen and phosphorus contained in treated wastewater are responsible for eutrophication process. High efficiency of its removal is very important to protect the environment. Improvement of denitrification process can be realized by using external source of carbon.
To confirm usefulness and efficiency of Brenntaplus VP as an external source of carbon the cycle of research was performed in Bialystok municipal W.W.T.P. Brenntaplus VP is based on alcohol, sugar and proteins. It is safe and completely biodegradable. The process of dosing preparation is continued all year without period with temperature lower than 12°C. Research was performed from mid April till the end of October 2011. Results shown in this paper were obtained in October 2011. Samples were taken from pre-denitrification, phosphorus removal, denitrification and nitrification chambers. It was found that BOD5/COD ratio was 1,86 in raw wastewater. The study confirmed the positive impact of Brenntaplus VP1 on denitrification process. External carbon source increases the amount of nitrogen removed from wastewater and allows to achieve nitrogen concentration in the treated wastewater below 10 mg N/dm3. Final concentration of nitrogen was dependent with wastewater temperature. Obtained results also proved short adaptation time for activated sludge with Brenntaplus VP1.

Słowa kluczowe:
ścieki, biologiczne oczyszczanie, denitryfikacja, zewnętrzne źródło węgla

070. Intensification of the Denitrification Process by Using Brenntaplus VP1 Preparation

wastewater, biological treatment, denitrification, external carbon source

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