Ireneusz Baic, Wiesław Blaschke, Wojciech Sobko
Centrum Gospodarki Odpadami i Zarządzania Środowiskowego w Katowicach Oddział Instytutu Mechanizacji Budownictwa i Górnictwa Skalnego w Warszawie

At the end of 2012 the Institute of Mechanized Construction and Rock Mining Centre for Waste Management and Environmental Management Branch in Katowice bought in China an installation for deshaling dry coal output. The installation is equipped with a newly designed air concentration table. In 2013, we started to investigate the possibilities of dry grains gangue separation from coal particles. The research was performed over dozen times in several different coal mines.
This article presents the results of research performed on twelve samples obtained from the mines. The study was conducted according to the methodology developed in IMBiGS taking into account the technological parameters of coal and adjustable specifications of the air concentration table. According to this methodology, preliminary studies were conducted followed by the main study.
The preliminary studies were designed to determine the conditions of separation for each sample. The main studies were designed to determine the possibility of deshaling and specifying the quality parameters of separated products. The major product separated on the air concentration table was cut stone. Other products, concentrate and transition products were a secondary effect resulting from the setting of technical parameter on the table adapted to receive the cleanest possible stone products.
The study showed the possibility of deshaling raw coal output. The stone products were essentially pure gangue grains. In some cases, the stone product included the grain of stone – coal adhesions. The stone product can be a fully commercial product.
An analysis of the quality of the resulting concentrate was performed. There was a significant decrease of ash content, relative to the feed, and increase in the calorific value. Some of separated concentrates may become commercial products. Others should be subjected to a secondary enrichment. The methods may be wet or dry properly regulated.

Słowa kluczowe:
powietrzne stoły koncentracyjne, odkamienianie (deshaling), parametry jakościowe wydzielanych produktów

058. Research on Energy Coal Deshaling on Air Concentration Tables

FGX – concentrating tables, deshaling, quality parameters of separated

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