Annual Set The Environment Protection

Year: 2024 Vol.: 26

 e-ISSN 2720-7501 (ISSN 1506-218X)

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 Selected Agricultural Analyses Based on Data from MultiSen-PL, the Multi-sensor Airborne Remote Sensing Station
Marta Sieczkiewicz, Łukasz Jedynak, Ireneusz Wyczałek, Michał Wyczałek-Jagiełło
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Multi-domain, Autonomous Measurement Buoy as an Element of the Water Quality Monitoring and Early Warning System in Rivers and Water Reservoirs
Andrzej Błażejewski, Sebastian Pecolt, Maciej Grunt, Gwidon Wieczorek, Tomasz Królikowski
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Investigation of Thermal Comfort, Productivity and Lighting Conditions in Higher Education Buildings Reservoirs
Natalia Siwczuk, Jerzy Zb. Piotrowski, Stanislav Honus
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In Search of Factors Limiting the Location Possibilities of Photovoltaic and Wind Power Plants in Poland
Szymon Pelczar
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Heat Transfer Through a Three-chamber Glass Unit
Borys Basok, Borys Davydenko, Аnatoliy Pavlenko, Svitlana Goncharuk, Hanna Koshlak, Oksana Lysenko
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CFD Simulation of Heat Transfer Through a Window Frame
Borys Basok, Volodymyr Novikov, Аnatoliy Pavlenko, Borys Davydenko, Hanna Koshlak, Svitlana Goncharuk, Oksana Lysenko
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Influence of Ventilation Air Supply into the Space Between Two Glass Units on the Energy Characteristics of this Transparent System
Borys Basok, Аnatoliy Pavlenko, Volodymyr Novikov, Hanna Koshlak, Svitlana Goncharuk, Dmytro Davydenko
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Potential of Effective Microorganisms in the Aspect of Sustainable Development
Anna Piotrowska, Dariusz Boruszko
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Application Research of Green Chelating Agents in the Remediation of Heavy Metal Contaminated River Sediments
Zieryeke Niyazihan, Geli Cheng, Zhipeng Li, Yifan Shi, Xin Li, Yongbing Huang
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Hydrogen Refueling Station Safety Analysis – Case Study
Agnieszka Ubowska, Renata Dobrzyńska
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